Why Move?

Sadly, I will no longer be maintaining the Chemical-Free Katie site. No tears—I’ve just moved! You can now find all my posts at Rustic Living, my new health, wellness, and lifestyle site that feels more like home than my early blogging forays with CFK.

I decided to totally switch up the game, because the more I worked on Chemical-Free Katie, the more I learned what it was I wanted to write about. And while CFK had elements of what I was trying to communicate, it wasn’t the whole picture—I’m a girl who loves a good slice of New York-style pizza and a cold beer. How could I rationalize that side of me with the message I was creating on CFK? Simple. I couldn’t!

So while I still advocate for living as “chemical-free” as possible (avoiding anything heavily processed, sticking to natural ingredients, etc.), I also needed to acknowledge that, sometimes, there is a time and place to just flat out indulge. That, and I wasn’t 100% comfortable feeling like I may be wrongly perpetuating what seems to be a growing chemophobia trend.

So this past spring, I sat down and really thought about what the image of my mission was. What did I really want to communicate with the world?

When I tired to picture it, I found myself always in a farm pasture, with green rolling hills, lots of wildflowers, reclaimed wood, fresh berries in white porcelain bowls, glass pitchers of homemade almond milk, linen, cast-iron, cobblestones, a billowing table cloth, warm bread, fresh eggs, a fat dog—you get the idea, right? Not exactly the kind of scene I was setting with CFK…

What I did realize was that the world I truly wanted to create wasn’t a mainstream, cheeky “fear the chemical world!” but a more rustic, simple living kind of approach. So I switched over to livingrustic.wordpress.com to continue sharing deliciously clean recipes with you, plus all my favorite ways to improve your home and self care—just under a new name and a new mission.

I’d love to hear what you think!


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